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Our philosophy

04.11.2022 Opinion

Successful companies are groups of people outperforming.

This belief led to the founding of Cleavemoor as an investment advisor with the aim of practicing this belief to produce outsized returns on capital.

This fundamental tenet underpins our company and investment strategy. We believe that the true value of a company is its people and their relationships with each other.

Successful companies are groups of people outperforming.
Ewan Mitchell Founder

Our core strategy is dictated by where our people have comparative advantage. We have niche experience, expertise and contacts within the consumer space. We have overlaid this with a blend of asset classes, return horizons and risk profiles to create a vertical consumer fund that emphasises our unique strengths.

The vertical combination of asset classes allows us to better manage risk whilst still having significant upside potential. This unique structure and strategy gives increased access and service to investors. This is our Agile Horizon StrategyTM.

Operating and allocating capital in this way requires a constant open and honest dialogue. We aim to achieve this dialogue with both our investors and our people. It enables us to have unique tools in our investment process such as our Portfolio Advisory group.

A fearless organisation constantly engages the best and most experienced minds in open and robust debate with the purpose of optimising capital allocation. This is what we aspire to. We are a group of smart people who are listening, learning and developing to protect and grow our investors money better.

Ewan Mitchell, Cleavemoor Founder