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Focused on our strengths to deliver exceptional returns and service

A new multi-asset investment philosophy

We believe that our people are the key to better returns and first class service. We have built our strategy around our people to make the most out of their unique capabilities.

Focusing on our niche areas of strength, we have combined asset classes to offer significant upside potential whilst giving us the agility to seize opportunities and manage risk.

Our unique structure and strategy give access and transparency to investors and our open and collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our first-class service.


Cleavemoor’s Approach

Niche advantages 01

Focusing on our people's strengths, we only play where we have an advantage.

Higher returns 02

Combining asset classes to generate higher returns in all markets.

First class service 03

We aim to offer a service level above through transparency and collaboration.

Our people

  • Ewan Mitchell


    “Listening & learning are often overlooked when investing.”

    Ewan worked at Barclays for seven years where he was a part of the top ranked EU Consumer Staples equity research team. He was lead analyst on EU Soft Drinks whilst also covering EU large cap Beverages. Prior to this he covered large cap Food & HPC.

    Meet Ewan
  • Tom Sarjant


    “Money has to be put to work, otherwise you are leaving opportunities on the table”

    Equity Partner at DTRE who specialises in advising Private Equity clients in the property sector. Tom has a keen eye for a deal and where the exit opportunity is. His ability to strategically guide the ship is invaluable to Cleavemoor.

  • Nick Matthews


    “When money realises that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

    Chairman & CEO at Centigrade International. Top level marketing and PR advisor to major car manufacturers Nick’s experience acquiring, integrating and managing high performing businesses gives Cleavemoor a unique ability to develop companies.

  • Mike Lloyd


    “Cash flow is the bedrock for a high return”

    Group Head Treasury Operations for MBDA, PhD in System Engineering and MEng Aeronautical Engineering. Managing a highly regulated and complex business Mike is able to see straight through the numbers to what is driving a business.

  • Campbell Mitchell


    “A successful business' foundations are hardwork and teamwork”

    40 years experience in the food manufacturing sector. Non-exec director to numerous publicly listed food manufacturers. Campbell’s FMCG experience gives Cleavemoor a critical edge in identifying, investing in and growing FMCG companies.